VegaslifeTV is the only independent Network in Las Vegas with 100% Vegas-produced programs aimed at the local and global viewers alike. VegaslifeTV is the umbrella Network for ACTV and LaChTV

Two Vegas-born channels with distinct niches. ACTV (for Asian Culture TV) communicates with Asian-Americans and Global Asians, which LaChTV (for Latino Channel TV) focuses on the 2nd to 3rd-generation Latino-Americans whose language of choice is English.

VegasLifeTV are now available on most Media Streaming Apps such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Binge NetworksLG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, WCETV and soon on available on Wale Rocks, a premium media content provider. 
VegasLifeTV can also provide a CDN for LiveStreaming at a very competitive rate. Please contact us for details. Here is a sample of our livestream 24/7 tv feed.


Generally, all English-speaking individuals and families all over the world, who desire to know more about and travel to Las Vegas, either as visitors or investors/re-locators. Programming is aimed at the young, upwardly, mobile individuals, male and female, 18 to 45 years of age, and couples in the higher educational and financial strata, with the desire and capability to travel, invest and raise a family in Las Vegas!









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